R Markdown

Updated the R Markdown document with some extended content in the appendix (e.g. citations), and some minor addition/clarification throughout the text. [Read More]

R Models

New content includes a document that covers dozens of statistical models in R, providing generic code, as well as recommended packages and readings. It can serve as a reference for beginners or those simply new to or curious about a technique. [Read More]

Current workshops

Workshops: New content includes a discussion of Factor Analysis and related Latent Variable models. In addition, an introduction to R Markdown, with an eye toward reproducible research. [Read More]

Upcoming workshops

Workshops: Upcoming workshops include Mixed Models on 2-8, Data Processing in R 2-21, Factor Analysis with R 2-28, 3-7 Introduction to literate programming and reproducible research with R Markdown. The SEM workshop has been postponed for technical reasons. [Read More]

Generalized Additive Models

Updates: My document on generalized additive models has been notably updated. To begin, it is now in bookdown format, which probably makes for a little bit easier navigation. In addition, I’ve added more details, which spawned a ‘technical details’ section that breaks down basis functions and other aspects of the models, and cleaned up other content. [Read More]