Generalized Additive Models

Updates: My document on generalized additive models has been notably updated. To begin, it is now in bookdown format, which probably makes for a little bit easier navigation. In addition, I’ve added more details, which spawned a ‘technical details’ section that breaks down basis functions and other aspects of the models, and cleaned up other content. [Read More]

Last of the Workshops

Updates: Data processing and visualization is now updated with expanded content, especially in the visualization section. [Read More]

Mixed Models revisited

New Docs/Workshops: Mixed Models with R has been updated with content for the current version of the workshop. In addition, I’ve updated a document comparing mixed models and latent growth curve models, showing their equivalence under a variety of model settings.

Text Analysis

New Docs/Workshops: Text Analysis with R provides an introduction to dealing with text in a variety ways in the R environment, including basic string manipulation, sentiment analysis, POS tagging, and topic modeling. Packages used include tidytext and quanteda among others. It’s actually not quite complete, but fairly close. I also hope to add some Python demos in the not to distant future. [Read More]