Predictions with an offset

Reconciling R and Stata Approaches

Exploring the Pandemic

Processing and Visualizing Covid-19 Data

Factor Analysis with the psych package

Making sense of the results

Convergence Problems

Lack of convergence got ya down? A plan of attack.

Categorical Effects as Random

Exploring random slopes for categorical covariates and similar models

Mixed Models for Big Data

Explorations of a fast penalized regression approach with mgcv

Fractional Regression

A quick primer regarding data between zero and one, including zero and one

Comparisons of the Unseen

Examining group differences across latent variables

Empirical Bayes

Revisiting an old post

Shrinkage in Mixed Effects Models

A demonstration of random effects

Mediation Models

Various package options for conducting mediation analysis


Using Radix/Distill for Scientific Publishing or a Website

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