Upcoming semester

A list of events I plan on this semester: Workshops - Programming with R (Sept 24), Applied Bayesian Analysis with rstanarm and brms, Text Analysis, Generalized Additive Models, and possibly more. And an annual half marathon with a friend- with a cow bell for a medal!

Doc format updates

Notes: Many documents are undergoing a format change to streamline and improve their look and navigability. As of now, Data Processing and Visualization, SEM, and Bayesian Basics are complete. [Read More]

New package and more

Notes: New package visibly that puts together various visualization and related functions I use regularly, including palette creation, model coefficient plots, GAM plots, and more. More functionality added to tidyext and lazerhawk packages. Updates to Data Processing and Visualization. Adding a new section on programming and rearranging content (in progress at this time). New section of popular documents. [Read More]

R Markdown

Updated the R Markdown document with some extended content in the appendix (e.g. citations), and some minor addition/clarification throughout the text. [Read More]

R Models

New content includes a document that covers dozens of statistical models in R, providing generic code, as well as recommended packages and readings. It can serve as a reference for beginners or those simply new to or curious about a technique. [Read More]