Mixed Models revisited

New Docs/Workshops: Mixed Models with R has been updated with content for the current version of the workshop. In addition, I’ve updated a document comparing mixed models and latent growth curve models, showing their equivalence under a variety of model settings.

Text Analysis

New Docs/Workshops: Text Analysis with R provides an introduction to dealing with text in a variety ways in the R environment, including basic string manipulation, sentiment analysis, POS tagging, and topic modeling. Packages used include tidytext and quanteda among others. It’s actually not quite complete, but fairly close. I also hope to add some Python demos in the not to distant future. [Read More]

Topic Modeling and Bayes

New Docs: Topic Modeling Demo offers a hands-on look at topic modeling in an attempt to make a little more clearer what’s going on behind the scenes. A more applied workshop on text analysis (including topic modeling) is currently in the finishing stages. [Read More]

Mixed Models

New Workshop: Mixed Models with R. I’ll be giving a short workshop on campus next week on mixed models, but took the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a more extensive one (day long) that will probably be given in the fall. [Read More]

Machine Learning

Updated Document: Introduction to Machine Learning. The first doc I did with LaTeX / Sweave, but I hadn’t updated it in a very long time. It’s for those in applied disciplines that would have standard statistical training but probably no exposure to machine learning approaches. The document is now in html format via Rmarkdown, with some update to the content throughout. [Read More]