Updated Doc: Graphical and Latent Variable Modeling. Updated the SEM document reflecting the completion of the associated workshop. In addition, added a new section on item response theory.


Updated Doc: Graphical and Latent Variable Modeling. Updated notes related to the SEM document. New content regards more on mediation and instrumental variable analysis, along with minor content additions through out that chapter and cleanup elsewhere.


General reorganization of GitHub Workshops and Documents repositories led to some new content linked on the site. Each doc or workshop now exists in their own respective repository for easier maintenance, so feel free to check out the source if desired. Workshops Documents [Read More]

Factor Scores

Content added: Added Doc: Factor scores. Added a document comparing factor scores to sum scores under a variety of setings via simulation.

Clustered data

Content added: Added Doc: Clustered data situations. Added a document comparing various approaches to dealing with situations where the units of observation exhibit some grouping structure and are thus not independent. Considered are standard linear model, cluster robust standard errors, fixed effect models, random effects models, generalized estimating equations, and latent growth curves.