Part of my job entails taking lead on analysis or consulting on various research projects, with differing levels of involvement. I note the ones I am/was more involved with here.


As of mid 2019. Primary researcher in parenthesis.

Surgical Training and Education (Brian George)

Sleep Disorders in Youth after Adenotonsillectomy (Ronald Chervin)

Library Learning Analytics Project (Felix Kabo)

Image detection and classification of kidney glomeruli (Markus Bitzer)

Development of a tool to assessed missed nursing care (Beverly Dabney)


Longitudinal Study of Health and Survival in the Dogon of Mali (Beverly Strassmann)

Youth Depression and Suicide Prevention Program (Cheryl King)

Baboon Social Affiliation (Beth Archie) This led me down a path in which I’ve consulted on research involving baboons, macaques, chimps, geladas, etc., which I find can be kind of fun.


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