These references are a mix of starting points, interesting notes, and more authoritative sources.

Robust SE

Fixed effects and ‘panel’ data models

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Mixed models

  • My documents and workshop notes.
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To be honest I can’t speak to this reference from experience, though I’ve read and would recommend Hardin and Hilbe’s GLM book, and this is a similar approach (applied with Stata examples).

  • Hardin & Hilbe (2013). Generalized Estimating Equations. link

Growth Curve Models

  • Kline. (2015). Principles and Practice of Structural Equation Modeling. link

  • My SEM notes

Survey Analysis


  • Gardiner et al. (2009). Fixed effects, random effects, and GEE: What are the differences? Statistics in Medicine. link

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  • R mixed list FAQ. Old but still has useful information. link