Texts for Your Shelf

The following are three texts I have recommended in the past to folks who are interested in doing Bayesian data analysis. They can be seen as introduction, intermediate, and advanced respectively.

Kruschke, J. (2014) Doing Bayesian Data Analysis. A very introductory text, but might be good for those not too confident in statistics generally speaking. And who doesn’t like puppies? 2nd Edition.

McElreath, R. (2020). Statistical Rethinking. A great modeling book in general, by one who has contributed a lot to helping others learn Stan and Bayesian analysis. 2nd Edition.

Gelman, A., Carlin, J. B., Stern, H. S., Dunson, D. B., Vehtari, A., and Rubin, D. B. (2013). Bayesian Data Analysis. 3rd Edition.

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Works Cited/Used

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