Variance Components

Create a variance components table.

extract_vc() extract_variance_components() extract_VarCorr()

Extract variance components

Random Effects

Extract random effects to a tidy dataframe.

extract_random_effects() extract_ranef()

Extract random effects

Fixed Effects

Extract fixed effects to a tidy dataframe.

extract_fixed_effects() extract_fixef()

Extract fixed effects

Random Coefficients

Extract random coefficients to a tidy dataframe.

extract_random_coefs() extract_coef() extract_random_coefficients()

Extract random coefficients and their variances

Summarize a Mixed Model

Clean printing of results.

summarize_model() summarise_model()

Summarize a mixed model


Converge an lme4 model

Miscellaneous Functions

Other stuff to play with.


Find typical groups


Extract correlation structure


Extract heterogeneous variances


Extract model data